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All About Electric Diggers – Questions and Answers from Eco Plant Hire

Electric Diggers

What are the advantages of Electric Diggers

Electric Diggers have a vast amount of advantages, lets start off with a few of the obvious.

Noise – have you ever compared the noise of a petrol lawnmower versus an electric lawnmower?  Its like day and night.  And the same can be said for electric diggers and the noise they omit.  Have a listen to the Eco Plant Hire Digger in action…

Electric Digger in Action – Compare the sound emissions

The fact is, electric diggers are five times quieter than diesel powered diggers.  This reduction in noise is perfect for inner city location sites where noise pollution is a very important factor and obviously working indoors.

Are their savings in fuel costs?

Kamatsu claim that fuel savings can be up to 40% against Diesel, which is great for your pocket and also the eco benefits from using less fuel is massive.


Are Electric Diggers more Reliable?

Electric Machines are less complicated from an engineering perspective and compared to mechanic parts.  In simple terms there are less moving parts.  And don’t forget no coolant check or oil refills or checks!!  So, the operation costs are reduced an awful lot.

How Eco Friendly are Electric Diggers?

Apart from the fuel consumption mentioned above, there are little to no exhaust emissions, in-fact zero and CO2 zero emissions.  Extremely important from a health and safety perspective if you are working indoors.

Why might I need an electric digger?

As mentioned above, if a job is within a building with little ventilation, that machines with zero emissions will be required.  Especially for rail contractors, working in tunnels or underground environments.  Avoiding the need to install exhaust extraction equipment.


Have you a need to hire an Electric Digger – throughout Ireland?

Finally, your electric digger will always be at the ready, you won’t have to worry about it breaking down, running out of fuel, refuelling…do you need any electric diggers for your projects?

Have a look at some of our electric diggers in action:

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