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Efficient Concrete Cutting with Electric Consaws

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The Electric Consaw & Our Full Range Of Electric Concrete Cutting Saws

As the construction industry shifts towards more sustainable and efficient practices, ecoplant hire company are leading the charge with innovative solutions. Among the most essential tools in their arsenal is the electric concrete cutting saw. These powerful machines offer a cleaner, quieter, and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuel-powered saws. At our electric plant hire company, we provide a comprehensive range of electric consaws, including hydraulic wall saws, handheld concrete saws, and our electric floor saws. With nationwide delivery, we ensure that your construction needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Ring Saw
Our ring saw is an innovative electric concrete cutting saw that provides exceptional cutting depth and precision. Unlike traditional saws, the ring saw features a blade that runs around a guide bar, allowing it to cut deeper without the need for a large machine. This makes it perfect for creating openings in walls and floors where access is limited. The ring saw is ideal for detailed work in confined spaces and is highly effective for cutting reinforced concrete, brick, and stone.
Max Cutting Depth 270mm
Max Blade Thickness 5mm
Power Supply 220-240V / 200-480V
Motor Power 5.5kW

Hydraulic Wall Saw
This wall saw is an attachment available for our diggers.Our hydraulic wall saw is a versatile electric concrete cutting saw designed for precision and power. Ideal for cutting openings in walls, floors, and ceilings, this saw excels in both residential and commercial projects. Its hydraulic operation ensures smooth and efficient cutting, minimizing noise and vibration. The hydraulic wall saw is perfect for creating doorways, windows, and ventilation openings in reinforced concrete and masonry structures.

Handheld Concrete Saw
The handheld concrete saw is a must-have electric consaw for any construction site. Lightweight yet powerful, this saw is designed for easy handling and precise cuts. It is ideal for small to medium-sized cutting tasks, including trimming, shaping, and detailed work on concrete slabs, bricks, and stones. With its ergonomic design and robust motor, the handheld concrete saw offers unmatched convenience and efficiency for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Blade Diameter 400mm
Cutting Depth 155mm

Weight 11kg

Estimated Cutting Performance 0.5m/hour

Power Supply 3 Phase, 32 Amp

7.5 KW Electric Floor Saw
Our 7.5 KW electric floor saw is a compact and powerful solution for cutting concrete floors and pavements. This electric floor saw is perfect for projects that require moderate cutting depth and precision. Its high-torque motor and durable blade ensure smooth, clean cuts in reinforced concrete, asphalt, and stone. The 7.5 KW floor saw is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, offering versatility and reliability for various construction tasks.

Max Blade Diameter 700mm

Max Cutting Depth 270mm

Estimated Cutting Performance 1m per hour

Power Supply 3 Phase, 16 or 32 Amp

Motor Power 7.5kW

8 KW Electric Floor Saw
For projects that demand more power, the 8 KW electric floor saw is an excellent choice. This electric concrete floor saw combines strength and efficiency, making it suitable for more demanding cutting tasks. Its robust design and powerful motor allow for deeper cuts and faster operation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. The 8 KW floor saw is perfect for large-scale commercial projects, roadworks, and heavy-duty construction sites.

Max Blade Diameter 700mm

Max Cutting Depth 270mm

Speed of Cutting Shaft 1630 RPM

Power Supply 3 Phase, 16 Amp

Motor Power 7.5kW

15 KW Electric Floor Saw
Our 15 KW electric floor saw is designed for the toughest cutting challenges. With its high power output and advanced cutting technology, this electric floor saw can handle the most demanding jobs with ease. Whether you’re cutting through thick concrete slabs, asphalt, or reinforced materials, the 15 KW floor saw delivers exceptional performance and precision. It’s an ideal choice for major construction projects, infrastructure development, and industrial applications.

Max Blade Diameter 900mm

Max Cutting Depth 350mm

Estimated Cutting Performance 2m per hour

Power Supply 3 Phase, 63 AMP

Motor Power 15kW

22 KW Electric Floor Saw
The 22 KW electric floor saw is the pinnacle of power and performance in our range of electric consaws. This high-capacity electric concrete floor saw is engineered for maximum efficiency and durability. It can tackle the most extensive and challenging cutting tasks, providing unparalleled depth and speed. The 22 KW floor saw is perfect for large-scale construction sites, heavy industrial projects, and complex cutting operations. Its superior cutting capabilities make it an indispensable tool for professional contractors.

Max Blade Diameter 1200mm

Max Cutting Depth 500mm

Estimated Cutting Performance 2.5m per hour

Power Supply 3 Phase, Switchable between 32 & 63 AMP

Motor Power 15/22kW (Switchblade)

Nationwide Delivery
At our electric plant hire company, Eco Plant Hire, we understand the importance of timely and reliable service. That’s why we offer nationwide delivery for all our electric consaw and our other range of. Whether you’re working on a remote site or in a city, we ensure that your equipment arrives promptly and in perfect condition. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can rely on us for all your electric consaw needs, wherever your project takes you.

The Electric consaw is a game chnager for the construction industry by providing powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions for concrete cutting. From our versatile hydraulic wall saw to the robust 22 KW floor saw, our range of electric concrete cutting saws caters to a wide variety of applications. With nationwide delivery, we ensure that you have the right tools for the job, delivered right to your site. Embrace the future of construction with our cutting-edge electric consaws and experience the benefits of cleaner, quieter, and more efficient cutting solutions.