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Electric Digger Hire Prices and Why Hiring is a preferred choice

Electric Diggers

Electric Digger Hire Prices at Eco Plant Hire – It’s obvious why companies might hire an electric digger versus buying.  Well, let’s list the reasons why you might hire versus buying outright:

  • No issues with long term storage logistics
  • No maintenance required
  • No repairs required if there is an onsite breakdown – at Eco Plant Hire we will send an engineer onsite, on the day to resolve any issues to our machines
  • Hire your Electric Digger as required, for each job and save money
  • And finally, the most important factor, the high cost of buying an Electric Digger outright

So, what might an Electric digger cost to buy?

Our machines at Eco Plant Hire are only the finest brands from Brokk and Takeuchi and come in size of a half ton to 4.5 electric diggers.


Here are a few videos on our YouTube Channel…

Electric Digger Second Hand Prices

So, if you decide to buy, what are Electric Digger retail prices, roughly speaking….well, you are talking anything from 50K Brokk for a second hand 2007 Brokk or a 2015 Brokk 800S electric digger for almost 200K.  So, they are very expensive.  Taking the Takeuchi’s, a 2012 TB285 can go from 30K.  But what are these machines new?


Electric Digger Retail Prices – New?

A brand new Takeuchi TB235 can retail from almost 50K and a ½ Ton Brokk can go from 100K to 150K for a 4 ton Brokk.  You can see the advantages in renting an Electric Digger versus buying a machine and all the attachments such as the cruncher, shears, bucket, etc.  And then all the hassle listed above around, servicing, storage, maintenance…what are the electric digger hire prices at Eco Plant Hire?


Electric Digger Hire Prices – New?

The factors that determine electric digger hire prices are the duration of the hire and the electric digger itself, and also if training might be required.  And so our prices start from, 675 per week, but give the office a call to discuss your specific project and what is the best machine for your job and the best price we can offer at Eco Plant Hire.


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