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Takeuchi Electric Excavators at Eco Plant Hire – Company History & Electric Excavators Profiled

Electric Excavators

At Eco Plant Hire we stock the Takeuchi brand of Electric Excavators and for very good reason.  But first let’s do a background check on Takeuchi, how did they develop such a great reputation and what are their origins.


Fundamentally, Takeuchi started out as a Japanese engineering company, specialising in environmental equipment manufacturer.  The company was founded in 1963 by Mr. Akio Takeuchi in the relatively small town of Sakaki, and today the town of Sakaki is made famous by Takeuchi itself.


Head office and factory at the time of the Takeuchi company’s foundation


By 1971 Takeuchi launched its first compact excavator or mini excavator and was soon exporting to North America as the first company to introduce such a mini excavator.  The scene was set for exponential growth.


Takeuchi TB1000 (1971)


By 1986 Takeuchi really broke the mould and launched an excavator with a compact rubber track loader, this marked Takeuchi out as a engineering leader and innovator.  This engineering breakthrough allowed construction company the ability to work in rough conditions.  It opened huge opportunities for Takeuchi and the construction industry itself.



Let’s fast forward to the 21st century and take a look at the achievements by Takeuchi in the era of environmental awareness and eco friendly engineering and production.  Let’s review the Takeuchi TB210 Hybrid and the Takeuchi TB216 Hybrid.


They are Hybrid’s, they run on both Diesel and Electric, which makes them ideal for noise reduction and anti-pollution and emission measures.  These are the primary selling benefits for both machines, but they also offer more.

Takeuchi TB210 Hybrid Electric Excavator

This electric excavator was launched in 2016, and it is very compact which is great for tight access.  In fact, it can fit through a standard doorway.  It is very light and weights just 1150kgs, it’s swing and reach is 40.2 inches wide down to 29.5 inches wide.  The machines roof is foldable, again making it even more compact and naturally reducing the TB210’s height.


The TB210 has a pilot operated joystick with ISO/SAE with control pattern change valve.  Other advantages of the TB210 is its expandable track frame, two speed travel and a boom offset facility.

Takeuchi TB216 Hybrid Electric Excavator

An upgrade on the TB210, moving from a 1.3 to a 1.6 ton, in terms of weight, digging depth, swing, reach, etc.  It is still a compact mini excavator but with a bigger punch.  You can see the full spec here including a full .dpf download.  However, briefly, the TB216 has a lifting capacity up to 155kg, the track frame can be widened to that 1.3m and retracts to 980mm.  The retractable undercarriage can be reduced to 980mm in width and the diesel engine runs out at 14.9hp (11.11kW) and the electric motor runs at 14.2hp (10.6kW).

Electric Excavator Hire at Eco Plant Hire

We have a vast range of Takeuchi Electric Excavators for Hire throughout Ireland, and you can see a number of them in our Gallery below:


And here is a Takeuchi Electric Excavators video with a Breaker Attachment:

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