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World Class Electric Excavators at Eco Plant Hire – Brokk Profiled

Electric Diggers, Electric Excavators

Firstly, lets discuss the difference between an Electric Excavator versus an Electric Diggers.

Difference between Electric Excavator and Electric Diggers

Well, funny enough, an Electric Excavator is in fact a person who excavates, but most people refer to electric excavators as diggers or excavators.  The machines that actually do the digging.  So, what about the excavators available to hire at Eco Plant Hire, lets take a look at Brokk Electric Excavators…

The Benefits of Brokk

Obviously Brokk are electric, so, great for the environment (zero emissions), low on noise and perfect for confined spaces with no ventilation outlets.  But what about Brokk themselves, how do they stack up?

Health & Safety

Brokk are typically smaller than their competitors and by default a little safer for that reason.  The machines are remote controlled, so, any operator will be a good distance from any works.  Which is naturally safer for all concerned.


You can see from the specs on the Brokk machines that they really pack a punch and are extremely durable.  However, Brokk Electric Excavators are renowned for their speed of work, coupled with their power.

Structural Stability & other Safety Concerns

We have spoken already about the eco and noise benefits, however the offset of this is that vibrations from any works are significantly reduced, and so avoiding structural damage to any nearby buildings.  Due to less vibrations, hand-arm vibration problems ae avoided and also white finger.

Really Compact Electric Excavators

We have a wide range of Brokk machines at Eco Plant Hire, of all sizes for all types of jobs.  Some Brokk machines have been known to be used via scaffolding.

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