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5 Reasons to hire an Electric Mini Digger from Eco Plant Hire

Electric Diggers

Electric Mini Digger Hire: The obvious reason for all concerned is the emissions.  Not just the benefits to the environment, but if you are working in confined and closed off spaces with little natural ventilation, you will need to use an Electric Mini Digger.  And just because the Mini Digger is electric, there is no compromise on performance.


Yes, the electric mini diggers at Eco Plant Hire pack a serious punch, for example the 1.9 Ton TB216 Takeuchi, has a bucket digging force of 14kn and an arm digging force of 8.2kn.


Many Electric Mini Diggers for Hire are hybrid, which means the operator can switch from electric to motor, when the environment and need is required.  This allows for great flexibility, switch to Diesel in travel mode, which to electric when noise needs to be reduced, and so on.  Which leads to the next advantage of hiring a electric mini digger, noise management.


If needs must, say you are operating in or near a school, a hospital, near an home care facility or say a busy city centre with office workers in close proximity.  Then contractors and stakeholders in project may stipulate that noise must be of a certain level at certain times of the day.


When your mini digger is in electric mode, you will save on fuel costs and also its reliability is increased.  Electric is far more reliable than traditional diesel operated engines – and so it is more cost effective to run.  Ask yourself the question, how often have you had to maintain the battery in your car!!


Some of the Features of Mini Diggers at Eco Plant Hire for Rental

The Takeuchi TB210 Hybrid Mini Digger

  • Great operator comfort including pilot operated joystick
    controls for low effort and super responsiveness
  • The hydraulic track frame is retractable and
    also has a foldable frame which allows for the easy passing through of doorways
  • The TB210 is extremely compact, with a short
    swing and has a tilt up seat and access panels.

Check out the full spec here.

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