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Electric Wall and Floor Saw Hire – Fact Check 3

Electric Wall and Floor Saws, Latest News

Fact Check 3 – Electric Wall and Floor Saw Hire

Zero Emissions

Our zero emissions Electric Floor and Wall saws are an essential tool for cutting floors and ceilings made of concrete and are fitted with diamond saw blades.

Our wide range offers the best possible technical equipment for every application, from 7.5kw, to 15kw to 22kw Floor/Road saws.

Or choose our hand held electric wall saws or our hand held hydraulic cut off saws. Our extensive range of saws combine powerful performance with no fumes and low noise.

Let us help you select your electric saw with cutting depths of up to 500mm. And use the impressive power available in our zero emissions saws which can cut from .5m2/hour up to 2.5m2/hour.

Our HCS saw cuts all types of concrete, brick, steel, wall and asphalt. It can be used for horizontal and vertical cutting and being a hydraulic saw and it can attach to your excavator/digger for ease of use.

While our floor saws have integrated blade cooling and dust suppression water sprinkling systems for all indoor applications.

Our team members have many, many years plant and equipment experience and we are almost 15 years hiring only electrical and battery powered diggers as well as a large range of other battery powered zero emission plant. So you can be sure that Eco Plant Hire are the acknowledged experts in electric plant hire company and we deliver that value and experience to all your jobs.

Why Choose Eco Plant Hire?

Eco Plant Hire has been in operation since 2008 providing the Irish market with electric and battery hire alternatives to our clients, contractors and building professionals.

Constantly sourcing and stocking the best zero emission equipment, our battery mini digger hire machines are designed for work in confined spaces, internal works and urban environments. Or where low noise or zero emissions equipment has been specified by the project managers or main construction works company.

Our battery electric diggers/excavators reduced noise levels improve safety and allow construction work to proceed safely in conjunction with being better for the environment. Communicate more easily with colleagues and reduce risk on your site with low noise plant and equipment from Eco Plant Hire.

Contact Eco Plant Hire today so we can assist you in your plant hire needs – we deliver throughout Ireland same day or next business day. You can reach the office on 057 862 6669 or email,