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Hydraulic Compactor from Eco Plant Hire – Spec

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At Eco Plant Hire we are always striving to expand our range both in terms of innovation and also market trends and requirments.  We now have in stock for our Brokk Demolitions & Electric Diggers an Hydraulic Compactor attachments.

Hydraulic Compactor Spec

Model HC 150 ³
Carrier weight class ¹ t 1-3
Service weight ² kg 160
Height mm 486
Plate dimensions (w*l) mm 295*721
Plate coverage 0,17
Vibrating force Hz 35
Vibrating frequency n/min 2.100
Operating pressure bar 150
Oil flow l/min 30


Hydraulic Compactor HC150 Advantages & Features


  • Excavator compactors for use with your Battery Digger/Brokk


  • Instantly ready for use


  • Virtually zero maintenance


  • Improved force distribution, less wear


  • Overload protection


  • Quiet, safe and effective


Hydraulic Compactor Attachment Photos