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Hydraulic Cut Off Saw

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A Hydraulic Cut Off Saw is the ideal tool for professionals working in confined spaces or for those which require reduced noise and zero emissions tools. It is the ideal tool for continuous heavy-duty use without the need for regular servicing or maintenance.  It is a very sturdy tool intended for excellent cutting performance, even under the most extreme conditions.


Their user-friendly design, compact size and powerful hydraulic engine ensures you get the job done at an improved speed and without many of the complications associated with diesel and electric saws.


Once your hydraulic power unit is attached you can get to work with your hydraulic cut off saw immediately.


At Eco Plant Hire, we have the HCS20 Hydraulic Cut Off Saw. This light compact handheld Cut Off Saw is the perfect heavy-duty cutting tool for concrete, brick, asphalt and all surfaces in between, allowing for a cutting depth of up to 210mm in a light weight package. Hire with our battery powered diggers for a powerful zero emissions package that will speed your job, save costs and improve efficiencies.


Hydraulic Hand Held Saw HCS20

Hydraulic Hand Held Saw HCS20


Benefits of Using a Hydraulic Cut Off Saw:

• Hydraulics Cut Off Saws require minimal maintenances as they are designed for continuous heavy-duty use
• They are unaffected by dust or water and specifically designed for minimal servicing
• You save on petrol costs associated with other cut off saw models
• Once you have a hydraulic system to power the unit you can get to work
• The compact design means they are suitable for horizontal and vertical cutting
• Reduced noise and fumes improve workplace safety.
• You do not have to worry about refuelling and wasting precious man-hours on maintenance.
• Cut off saw hire from Eco Plant also means you hire the most efficient plant available today
• Eco Plant Hire is dedicated to providing industry professionals with environmentally friendly, noise-reducing machine and plant alternatives
• Water use inside the unit ensures the cut off saw, blade and cutting surfaces are cool and debris free
• Improved safety through intelligent ASCO (Automatic safety cut off the system). In the case of a blade jam, the unit’s pressure relief valve will stop the unit.


The Benefits of Cut Off Saw hire at Eco Plant Hire

A Hydraulic cut off saw is a prefect tool for contractors (such as water utility companies) with access to an excavator which can be used to operate the hydraulic saw.


Of course, you can also hire additional components from Eco Plant Hire should you not have them to hand. We can discuss your job with you and our experienced hire team will advise on what will be the most efficient method and tools you will need for your job. We will deliver benefits in terms of time, money and efficiency.


It may not be feasible to have cut off saws in storage for a long length of time between your jobs. Using cut off saw hire from Eco Plant Hire ensures you have the right equipment available when you need it, saving you time and money.


Do not risk loss or damage with units placed in storage and only spend on hire costs.


Eco Plant Hire take care of all maintenance needs and we test and service all of our equipment when it comes back in off hire and more importantly, every cut off saw is tested before it goes back out on every job.


Operating throughout Ireland we can ensure same or next day delivery of hire equipment on location. Reduce the costs of purchase and only have the equipment when you need it.


Cut off saw hire is ideal for companies of all sizes whether working on heavy-duty one-off projects or requiring rentals for several weeks or months.


Why Choose Eco Plant Hire?


Eco Plant Hire has been in operation since 2008. With the increased need for environmentally friendly, zero emissions noise reducing and expertly designed equipment, Eco Plant Hire has been providing the Irish market with electric and battery hire alternatives to our contractors and building professionals for many years.


Constantly sourcing and stocking for the best zero emission equipment whether hydraulic cut off saws, power floats, or electric diggers along with much more. Our machines are designed for work in confined, urban areas where low noise or zero emissions equipment has been specified.


Reduced noise improves safety and allows construction work to proceed safely in conjunction with being better for the environment. Communicate more easily with colleagues and reduce risk on your site with low noise plant and equipment from Eco Plant Hire..


Contact Eco Plant Hire today so we can assist you in your plant hire needs – we deliver throughout Ireland, you can reach the office on 057 862 6669 or email,