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Our new Construction Sound Barrier!

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What are Construction Site Sound Barriers?

Sound barriers are barriers usually placed on the outline of a construction site to help reduce sound. Construction sound barriers are usually a sheet fitted with specialised materials that absorb the sounds coming out of a construction site. Usually, you can spot sound barriers on the outside of any construction site in a populated or residential area where loud sounds will disturb people. They also make a construction site look more professional and uniform giving your construction company the best image.

construction sound barrier

Why use a Construction Sound Barrier?

There are many reasons to use a soundb arrier. As the name suggests, the most common use for a sound barrier is to block or reduce sound coming out of or going into a certain area. Due to the special materials used during manufacturing, sound barriers can vastly reduce soundwaves.

Construction sound barriers are also a great way to improve you company’s image. Sound barriers make your construction site look more professional and give a uniform look across your site. Apart from looking more professional visually, using sound barriers on your construction site will show people that you care about reducing the noise of your site. People will take note of your use of sound barriers and appreciate you doing your best not to disrupt the local environment. 

Where can I get a Soundbarrier?

Sound barriers can be bought online however they are usually not worth the price as you will have to store them and you may not always use them. Hiring a sound barrier would be a better alternative to buying in this scenario. By hiring a sound barrier you can avoid the need to store it aswell as taking advantage of the low price to use it.

Eco Plant Hire offer sound barrier hire as part our hiring services. Feel free to check out our sound barrier after reading this blog!

How do I use Ecoplant’s Sound Barrier?

Using Eco Plant Hire’s construction soundbarrier is simple. Firstoff, you must attach the hooks to holes at the top of the sound barrier. Once you have done that, simply just hook the sound barrier onto the top of fence or whatever structure you plan to connect it to.

How do I clean my Sound Barrier?

Due to it’s weatherproofness, cleaning the construction sound barrier is easy. Cleaning can be done with a wet wipe or water hose.

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