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This Is The Future of Construction in Ireland

Quiet Power, Zero Emission:
A Total Technological Innovation

These low noise level, zero emissions electric telehandlers deliver huge benefits in workplaces and environments where combustion engines are prohibited.

Our Electric Telescopic Handler Boasts:

Electric Telehandler

2600kg Load Capacity

Height: 1.9M | Width: 1.9M

5.9M Lifting Height

6-8 Hours Run Time

Recharge Time of 4 Hours Only

100% Electric

Zero Emissions

Our 100% Electric Telescopic Handler Is Ideal For The Following:

Zero Emissions, Low Operating Noise ideal for noise-sensitive areas like public events, livestock, and extended operating hours.

Historical Centres

Electric telehandlers offer a silent and emission-free operation, preserving the historical ambience and minimizing disruption. Their compact design allows for manoeuvrability in narrow streets without compromising on lifting capacity.

Indoors (Fairs, Events, Malls)

Electric telehandlers create a safer and more pleasant environment indoors, as they produce zero emissions and operate quietly. Their versatility in handling various tasks makes them ideal for setting up event infrastructure without disturbing the experience.


Electric telehandlers are perfect for logistics operations due to their precise handling and reduced environmental impact. With quick acceleration and deceleration, they enhance efficiency in loading and unloading tasks, contributing to smoother logistics operations.

Night Shift Construction

Operating quietly and without emissions, electric telehandlers are the perfect fit for night shift construction. They ensure a conducive working environment for night crews while maintaining a low impact on surrounding neighborhoods.

24hr Construction

Electric telehandlers enable around-the-clock construction without noise and air pollution concerns. Their reliability and efficiency contribute to a continuous workflow, allowing construction projects to meet tight deadlines without compromising on environmental sustainability.


In the agricultural sector, electric telehandlers offer a clean and efficient solution. They are versatile enough to handle various farm tasks, and their low noise level minimizes disturbance to both the environment and livestock.

Organic Agriculture

Electric telehandlers align seamlessly with organic farming practices by eliminating emissions and reducing the carbon footprint. This choice supports sustainable agriculture, ensuring that produce is cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Greenhouses and Nurseries

Electric telehandlers are well-suited for greenhouse and nursery environments where precision and care are crucial. Their emission-free operation is beneficial for sensitive plant growth, and their compact design allows easy navigation in confined spaces.

Total Technological Innovation

The fact that it has zero CO2 emissions allows for it to be used even in closed environments, such as warehouses, logistics areas and agricultural activities, improving the level of comfort and safety in the workplace.

The low noise level allows for it to be used in workplaces and environments where the use of combustion engines is not recommended.

electric telehandler or teleporter forks

Green Technology

Thanks to its services and electric drive unit, the CO2 emissions can be considered zero.

Silent and Effective

The same performance as a conventional telescopic handler mod. 6.26 without the noise of a combustion engine.

Affordable Maintenance

Simple and cheap maintenance like that of an electric motor.

2 Types of Recharging

Use Fast charging and reduce the recharge time during the work cycle. Use classic charging at night.

Walkthrough Video Of Our Electric Telescopic Telehandler

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