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When you choose Ecoplant Hire, you’re not just renting equipment; you’re investing in a partnership that prioritizes innovation, safety, and the environment, making your construction endeavors more efficient and sustainable. Join us in shaping the future of construction today.

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Our electric diggers are not just state-of-the-art machinery; they represent a commitment to safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

Why Rent Our Electric Mini Diggers?

With the construction industry constantly evolving, our electric diggers provide a forward-thinking solution for firms operating within live, tight, and enclosed sites. Here are more reasons to choose our electric diggers:

Better For The Environment

Our electric diggers produce zero tailpipe emissions, helping to preserve Ireland’s beautiful landscapes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Electric diggers help construction companies and contractors comply with stringent emissions and noise regulations in certain areas of Ireland, avoiding legal issues and fostering positive community relations.

Efficiency and Precision

Our electric diggers provide better torque and acceleration, allowing for precise control and improved productivity, which can enhance the quality of construction work.

Quieter Operations

Our electric diggers are quieter, making them ideal for projects in sensitive areas or urban locations, where noise control is crucial for community well-being.

Better For Indoor Use

Our electric diggers are well-suited for indoor construction projects due to their lack of exhaust emissions, which can be harmful in enclosed spaces, ensuring a safer and healthier work environment.

More Comfortable to Operate

Our electric diggers offers smoother and quieter operation, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing comfort during long shifts, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

I can’t recommend Eco Plant Hire any higher, great staff, on time machine delivery, well maintained machines and a serious range of electric and battery powered machines.

Eco Plant Hire are always our first port of call for any electric and battery powered plant hire. All in all, a great company to deal with.


Hire Electric Digger Options:

Click on any electric or battery digger image for more information.

Battery 1 Ton-71cm Width

battery micro digger with bucket attachment

Battery 1 Ton-75cm Width

battery digger with all attachments

1.7 Ton Battery

yellow battery digger

2 Ton Battery

4 Ton Battery

battery micro digger with bucket attachment

1.3 Ton Hybrid

hybrid digger with hydraulic breaker attachment

1.9 Ton Hybrid

remote demoliton digger

0.5 Ton Remote Digger

remote demolition digger with breaker

0.9 Ton Remote Digger

remote demoltion digger with hydraulic breake attachment

1.1 Ton Remote Digger

remote demolition digger with breaker

1.6 Ton Remote Digger

remote demolition digger with bucket

3.2 Ton Remote Digger

remote demolition digger with bucket

4.5 Ton Remote Digger

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