Officially our new Electric Telehandler arrives next week, and we are now taking bookings…

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We will upload a full gallery or images and a couple of videos, but for now, check out the advantages and spec of the only Electric Telehandlers for hire in Ireland.


Firstly, they work all day on a full charge and are ideal for closed off working environments which is one of the significant advantage’s electric has over conventional telehandlers. This is also just 1.9M high and so can fit into tight spaces such as car parks. Our Electric Telehandler can take on any construction and demolition work with a 2600KG Capacity, up to a 5.9M height and comes with a plethora of attachments for any job.


As well as getting a full 6 to 8 hours of continuous operation and a super fast charge, you will achieve serious saving on fuel, efficiency and time with this highly spec’ed out telehandler…


You can see the full spec here.


Contact the office today to book one of our Electric and Battery Powered Telehandlers, 057 8626669 or email:

Telehandler Hire


710mm Micro Digger

750mm Micro Digger

1.7 Ton Digger

2 Ton Digger

4 Ton Digger

1.3 Ton Hybrid Digger

1.9 Ton Hybrid Digger

Material Handling

Electric Telehandler

1.6 Ton Electric Forklift

1.4 Ton Electric Forklift


Ladder Hoist

Steel Loading Ramp

Aluminium Loading Ramp

Remote Diggers

0.5 Ton Remote Digger

0.9 Ton Remote Digger

1.1 Ton Remote Digger

1.6 Ton Remote Digger

3.2 Ton Remote Digger

4 Ton Remote Digger


Battery Power Floats

Electric Power Floats

Ride-On Power Floats

Rock Splitter

Floor Splitter


500kg Battery Wheelbarrow

800kg Battery Dumper

1000kg Battery Dumper

1500kg Battery Dumper

Battery Wheel Loader


Trench Compactor

Reversible Vibratory Plate

380mm Compaction Plate

450mm Compaction Plate

Compaction Digger Attachement



210mm Hydraulic Saw

Handheld Concrete Saw

7.5kW Floor Saw

8kW Floor Saw

15kW Floor Saw

22kW Floor Saw


Fog Cannon

Construction Soundbarrier



Hospitality Cabin