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Trench Plates

Steel road plates, also known as steel trench plates or road crossing plates, serve various purposes in construction and infrastructure projects.

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10ft x 5ft

Delivery Nationwide Now Available!

Steel road plates, also known as steel trench plates or road crossing plates, serve various purposes in construction and infrastructure projects. The trench plate sizes available here at Eco Plant Hire which are 10 x 5 ft.

Here are some common uses of steel road plates:

Temporary Roadway Access: Steel road plates are often used to create temporary roadways over excavations or trenches, allowing vehicles and construction equipment to pass over without causing damage to the underlying infrastructure.

Trench and Excavation Safety: When construction projects involve excavations or open trenches, steel road plates are placed over these areas to provide a safe and stable surface. This helps prevent accidents and ensures the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles.

Utility and Pipeline Installations: During the installation or maintenance of underground utilities, such as water, gas, or sewer pipelines, steel road plates are employed to cover the open trenches temporarily. This allows for continued traffic flow and access while the work is in progress.

Construction Site Access: Steel road plates are used to create access points for heavy equipment, cranes, and construction vehicles on job sites. They help distribute the load and provide a solid surface for efficient and safe movement.

Event Infrastructure: In temporary events or situations where temporary roadways are needed, such as festivals, concerts, or outdoor exhibitions, steel road plates can be deployed to create stable pathways for foot and vehicular traffic.

Bridge Maintenance: Steel road plates are utilized in bridge maintenance projects, allowing maintenance crews and equipment to access different sections of the bridge without causing damage to the structure.

Emergency Repairs: In the case of road or utility failures, steel road plates can be quickly deployed to cover damaged areas, providing a temporary solution until permanent repairs can be made.

Construction Site Parking: Steel road plates are often used to create stable parking surfaces on construction sites. This helps prevent vehicles from sinking into mud or soft ground.

In summary, Steel road plates play a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient operations in construction and infrastructure projects, providing temporary access and stability over excavated or hazardous areas.

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