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710mm Micro Digger
750mm Micro Digger
1.7 Ton Digger
2 Ton Digger
4 Ton Digger
1.3 Ton Hybrid Digger
1.9 Ton Hybrid Digger
Material Handling
Electric Telehandler
1.6 Ton Electric Forklift
1.4 Ton Electric Forklift
Ladder Hoist
Steel Loading Ramp
Aluminium Loading Ramp
Remote Diggers
0.5 Ton Remote Digger
0.9 Ton Remote Digger
1.1 Ton Remote Digger
1.6 Ton Remote Digger
3.2 Ton Remote Digger
4 Ton Remote Digger
Battery Power Floats
Electric Power Floats
Ride-On Power Floats
Rock Splitter
Floor Splitter
500kg Battery Wheelbarrow
800kg Battery Dumper
1000kg Battery Dumper
1500kg Battery Dumper
Battery Wheel Loader
Trench Compactor
Reversible Vibratory Plate
380mm Compaction Plate
450mm Compaction Plate
Compaction Digger Attachement
210mm Hydraulic Saw
Handheld Concrete Saw
7.5kW Floor Saw
8kW Floor Saw
15kW Floor Saw
22kW Floor Saw
Fog Cannon
Construction Soundbarrier
Hospitality Cabin
Trench Plates

Eco Plant Hire Leads the Green Revolution! – Read all about it on

Latest News, Marketing

We have just been profiled on the, highlighting the fact the we are Ireland’s only dedicated battery and electrically powered plant hire company.

Eco Plant Hire on

Our company founder and Managing Director Sean Breen sat down with Robbie Cousins to speak at his and the Eco Plant Hire teams extensive experience in the construction sector, having successfully built up a significant fleet of green, clean, zero-emissions, compact and low-noise machinery without comprising the power and robustness of fuel powered machinery.

Why Go Green with Eco Plant Hire

Sean discusses the benefits of going green, which include:

  • Increases Safety
  • More ergonomic machinery
  • Low noise levels to improve communication on the work site and thus increase productivity and less work-related injuries
  • ‘Green and clean’ machinery also increases the sustainability of the environment by reducing carbon footprint.
  • Green machinery eradicates all fuel emissions
  • The reliability and functionality of electronically powered machinery extends operation hours and reduces the number of staff on site and thus lower carbon footprint.

You can read all about it on our profile with – see this link.


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