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Eco Plant Hire the only combustion FREE Plant Hire Company in Ireland

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Yes, at Eco Plant Hire we are the only company in Ireland which has a fleet of combustion free plant hire, from Electric Dumpers to Electric Excavators.  Completely Eco Friendly and way ahead of the curve.  Not only is electric and battery powered machinery eco-friendly, there are other advantages such as:


  • Great for access to tight access
  • Noise Reduction
  • Cleaner and Eco Friendly


The electric and battery powerful machinery sector is certainly increasing in demand and Eco Plant Hire are at the ready for all your needs.


If you need a plant hire company that supplies fully electric vehicles for sectors such as construction, mining, industrial, and pharmaceutical, contact the team at Eco Plant Hire for any Electric or Battery Powered Plant Hire Requirements…


Contact the team at Eco Plant Hire at or call nationwide at +353 (0) 57 862 6669